The Verla Mill Museum is not an accessible site.

Visitors with reduced mobility can take part in a partial tour with the group. The tour begins with a documentary in a room with unobstructed access. After this the tour continues to the groundwood mill, then down a staircase to the collector machines and then through the lower courtyard to the drying plant. Indoor spaces feature a few benches where you can sit down while listening to the descriptions. 

Visitors may wait upstairs until the rest of the group returns through the drying loft back to the finishing section. Waiting visitors can read a booklet featuring photos and descriptions of the guided tour downstairs and the drying loft.

If your group includes individuals with reduced mobility, please notify us when making your reservation. Visitors with reduced mobility can participate in a section of the normal guided tour, or a reduced-mobility tour can be booked separately for the whole group. Access to the public toilet in the stables is unobstructed.

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